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Interactive Product Presentation

The new outstanding tech solution for your online product presentation.
Built on the power of modern web technologies.

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Why 3D is better

For a strong internet presence, it is now more important than ever to present your products visually and in a memorable way. But videos and pictures, often fail to convey complex technical processes nor do they highlight great design. In contrast, interactive 3D content presents information at the customer’s pace and emphasizes design through simulated use.

For this reason, we developed Interactive Product Presentation.


What Interactive Product Presentation does

Interactive Product Presentation makes it possible to fully integrate a wide range of 3D content on your website and presents products in an impressively and uniquely.

In the past technical requirements, lack of integration options, or dependency on plug-ins and hosting services made it difficult to provide individual solutions. Interactive Product Presentation solves these issues and provides additional support for mobile.


How it works

This is achieved through a custom framework, which seamlessly links animations, sound, video, and images, as well as classic HTML content in real-time. Since each solution is developed on a per client basis, each scene is created and designed according to customer wishes. Direct WebGL integration and optimization for mobile devices are also included.

Our demo is modeled after presentations similar to exhibitions and trade fairs. But has the added benefit of being time-independent. The customer is guided through explanations and accompanying material and can explore options and functionalities in their own time.

Each solution is crafted for you as a client individually and sets your product presentation apart from the competition online.